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Voyageur Wilderness Programme - Eco-Adventure Outfitter

Guide or Outfitter

QUETICO'S PREMIER ECO-ADVENTURE OUTFITTER - SINCE 1960 Voyageur Wilderness Programme (VWP) invites YOU to experience culture, history, nature eco-adventures as well as environmental education thru a wilderness experience. Whatever your level, we're dedicated to getting you into Quetico's wilderness. Located on Nym Lake, border of Quetico Park and Canada’s Historical Canoe Water Routes we're your perfect stepping stone for your wilderness experience!

Types of Experiences and Trips Provided

  • Eco-Adventure & Backcountry Canoe Trip Specialist
  • Complete & Partial Outfitting for Individuals, Families & Groups (Self-Guided & Guided)
  • Educational & Eco-Field Trips
  • Route & Trip Planning
  • Authorized Issuer for MNR - Park Permits and Fishing Licenses
  • Bed & Breakfast Facilities/ Dining Rooms
  • Lakefront Sauna/ Showerhouse & Facilities
  • Trading Post & many Voyageur Island Amenities

Areas of Service and Expertise

Your customized eco-adventure made simple! We are Eco-Adventure Specialists offering comprehensive services: full or partial outfitting, canoe & gear rental, lodging & meals, lakefront sauna & facilities, trip & menu planning, ground shuttles, maps, park permits and fishing licences. Ask us about YOUR Quetico Wilderness Eco-Adventure! Over 50 years and 3 generations - our extensive experience is the foundation to provide Quality, Genuine, Authentic, Affordable, Comprehensive Eco-Outfitting Services. We're dedicated to the love of paddling and getting you out into Quetico's wilderness. With environment, sustainability and service as our priority we believe that Quetico's pristine wilderness is for everyone - those with little experience to the expert travelers.

Locally or Family-Owned Business Notes

Inspired by the Savoie family's proud Canadian Metis heritage, Voyageur Wilderness highlights the lifestyle, history, curlture of the Voyageurs as the first eco-traveler and connection to the pristine wilderness of Quetico Park. With the foundation of 3 generations, Voyageur Wilderness is still family owned and operated. Today, the next two generations of outdoor eco-adventure enthusiasts continue under the direction of Michelle Savoie, accompanied by husband Dale, son Joseph, daughter Madeleine and infamous lab Cayenne.

We're dedicated to the love of paddling and getting people out into Quetico's wilderness! We believe that Quetico's pristine wilderness is for everyone - those with little or no experience to the expert traveler. Let us share our favorite lakes, portages, waterfalls, flora and fauna - experiences and adventures that span generations. Perhaps our Quetico "Play List" will inspire, inform and excite you to undertake your Quetico Eco-Adventure with us!

Accessibility Notes

Voyageur Island is located on Nym Lake with drive in access off Highway 11 about 15 minutes east of Atikokan. Voyageur Wilderness Programme operates from this secluded island bordering Quetico Provincial Park and is the perfect stepping stone to your wilderness eco-adventure on Canada’s historical canoe water routes in one of Ontario's most famous wilderness parks.

Pet Friendly Notes

Pet Friendly - consider your pets need prior to your trip. Cayenne, yellow Lab, is always on duty to greet you upon arrival!