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Sunnycove Camp

Unique or Historical Accommodation
Ready to Kayak – Sarah Kawulia

Kitchen Supplies Available (if any)

Full kitchen is available in two main lodges.

Number of Persons Property Will Accommodate

Sleeps up to 100 people

Property Access

Property is accessed by car or boat.

Locally or Family-Owned Business Notes

Rev. Ron McGregor purchased land on the shores of Rainy Lake back in 1934, which eventually would become Sunny Cove Camp as we know it.
At that time, the site was partially cleared and used for a tent camp for youth of the First Baptist Church.
Back then, it only could be reached by boat or by train to the Rocky Inlet station, followed by a hike through the woods.
In the following years, the camp was expanded, with permanent cabins built there.
When Rev. McGregor left Fort Frances in 1939, it was deeded to a board of trustees to be operated on a non-profit basis and devoted to Christian education.
In 1947, the Jaycees took it over and operated it until 1956.
The Kiwanis took over ownership in 1957 and has done so ever since.
Over the past five decades, the property was increased. And when the Noden Causeway was opened in the 1960s, a strip of land was purchased to allow for road access.
The parcel is now about 28 acres.
New buildings were erected and older ones renovated. Most prominent of all is Russell Hall, a 120’x32’ building which was named after charter member W.T. “Bill” Russell.
Other upgrades have included a well (for years the water supply was pumped and treated lake water).


Warming Source

Propane or Natural Gas Heater

Nearby Places