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Leonidas Overlook

Scenic Viewpoint

Drive to the top of Leonidas Overlook for a bird\'s eye view of United Taconite in Eveleth and the surrounding countryside. From the highest man-made point on the Mesabi Iron Range, built up from stockpiled overburden and lean ore, the panoramic view takes in the surrounding forest, the red-ridged ore pits and the water towers of several Iron Range cities.

The Thunderbird Mine, visible to the north and south, used to be several mines. One of those, the Leonidas Mine, opened in 1908 and was the deepest underground mine in the world at the time, with a depth of more than 650 feet. The mine, closed in 1980, produced nearly 24 million tons of iron ore.

The mine and this overlook are named after Leonidas Merritt, one of seven brothers who discovered the Mesabi Iron Range ore deposits in1890 and opened the area to commercial development. By 1892, more than 120 mining companies had formed on the Iron Range.

Located one mile west of Eveleth on County Road 101.

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