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Lake Superior Trading Post

Unique Shop
Bryan Hansel

We’re not the biggest thing in Grand Marais.
Nope. That would be Lake Superior.

Sure, we may be the second-greatest attraction in this grand little Minnesota town, but if you can pull yourself away from the big water (and it’s only 20 steps from our door), you’ll find we’ve got everything you’re looking for. From women’s and men’s clothing, to outdoor gear, to trail maps, camping supplies, Lake Superior Trading Post is Grand Marais shopping.

Back in 1971, when brothers John and Ed Viren opened the Trading Post, they piloted their small plane into Canada to buy goods from native peoples who knew what outdoor adventure was all about. In addition to being an authentic artifact trading post, the store sold outboard motors, fishing supplies, boats and things of that nature. When the Virens went to sell the Trading Post itself, the focus shifted to silent sports. The authenticity of goods sold, however, remained the same.

Linda and Richard Humphrey, who at the time also owned Wilderness Waters Outfitters, expanded Lake Superior Trading Post by bringing in what Linda calls "more interesting things to look at." And, as Grand Marais became a hub for tourism travel, the broader our shopping categories became.

Family-Owned Business

Eric and Stephanie are continuing the Lake Superior Trading Post’s warm and inviting legacy that their parents, Linda and Richard Humphrey began. They would enjoy having you stop by to share your stories of the past or current encounters in the wilderness.

They enjoy their surroundings and support their small community with the sponsoring of several events and organizations throughout the year.

Eco-Friendly Notes

Lake Superior Trading Post is committed to doing our best to be green. It isn't always easy, practical or economical to be green. But before we make decisions on what products we will carry at the store, we ask ourselves, Will the quality of it last? Can the packaging be recycled? Can I reuse the container? Some of our products are even made from recycled materials, along with our letterhead and envelopes printed on recycled paper.

We don't believe in throwing things away. We like to find people who can use items we no longer need. We have several Thrift Shops in town that accept clothing, toys, books and many other items. The library takes old books and magazines and the Senior Center reuses old greeting cards. Boxes and packaging material are saved to ship out items from our store or used for storing items. We save all packing material that is excess and bring it to “The Mail Room” in Duluth, so they can reuse it and less has to be purchased. If a trash bag isn't completely full then we just dump the contents into a different bag so we can continue to use the same bag. Whenever possible we find ways to reuse items so they do not end up in a landfill. We keep many things out of the landfill by recycling. All newspaper, phone books, catalogs, magazines and office paper are recycled and cardboard is either reused or broken down and recycled as well.

The list of items we recycle is almost endless from computers to light bulbs, batteries to printer cartridges to cell phones and many things in between.

We care about the environment we live in. We want to do our part in reducing the amount of energy we use and in keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible. From simple things like turning off lights when they are not in use to purchasing Energy Star models when old appliances break down and can no longer be fixed, we make an effort to be conscious of our environment. When light bulbs burn out, we replace them with new CFL bulbs. We live green in a place where we can still drink the water from the lakes and air pollution is unheard of up here.

We know there is more we could do to become a darker shade of green. We will continue to make green choices whenever we can. We are committed to making the world we live in a better place not only for us but also for our children and theirs.

Accessibility Notes

Driving Directions

From Duluth, Minnesota travel the scenic Highway 61 along the shore of Lake Superior to the quaint town of Grand Marais. Once you are in Grand Marais, go south on 1st Avenue West towards the lake. If you stay on it all the way to the lake, you’ll be right in front of the store… you won’t miss it!

Recreational Opportunities

We are located right on the water’s edge in downtown Grand Marais where many can enjoy the scenery by sitting on the park benches across the street from us or skip some stones in Lake Superior right outside our door, then come inside to stroll through the store. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area gives us many recreational opportunities with it being located just up the Gunflint Trail, where fishing, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, watching wildlife and then relaxing at one of the many nearby wooded lodges.

Pet Friendly Notes

While pets aren’t allowed in the store unless they are carried or they are service dogs, we have a substantial amount of pet products. We have a great location where your pets are certainly allowed to swim in the lake just outside our doorstep.


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