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Kay-Nah-Chi-Wah-Nung Botanical Reserve

National Park or Protected Area

The area surrounding the Manitou burial mounds is noted for its variety of plant species which support a healthy local ecosystem containing a wide variety of animal life and birds.

The area represents the three types of prairie landscape - highland, lowland and mosaic bog type prairie, which provides a large variation in the plant species found within the area.

Because of the nature of some of the plant species, it is a natural attractant for the Monarch butterfly.

The area is part of a National Historic Site and is protected land.

Recreational Opportunities

As part of the National Historic Centre, there are opportunities for guided and unguided tours, birding, walking, and a full service visitor centre.

Accessibility Notes

All of the walking trails in the area are crushed rock and feature gentle slopes, so they are fully wheelchair accessible. We also have guided tours and have carts available to facilitate those with mobility issues.

Please check in with the visitors centre to ensure we are aware of your presence and so that we may render any assistance you may require to make your visit more pleasant.

Pet Friendly Notes

Because of the sensitive nature of the ecosystem and the rare plants and diverse animal species in the area, pets are only allowed on the path, on leash, and under control at all times. Please be considerate of others and pick up after your pet.


Seasons Accessible

The Centre is open to the public from mid-May (Victoria Day) to mi-October (Canadian Thanksgiving)

The winter program runs from December to March

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