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Isle Royale

Historic Site or District

Looking for the perfect location for a beautiful wilderness vacation? Visit Isle Royale National Park on Lake Superior! Isle Royale has something to offer everyone. This island national park offers spectacular fishing, canoeing and kayaking, hiking, camping, day trips and lodge vacations! In addition, this park is one of the nation's best national parks for spotting wildlife- moose, foxes, waterfowl and wolves live throughout the park.

Isle Royale National Park is a rich historical location, settled by native American copper miners long before the days of Christopher Columbus. In the late 1800's, it became the home of numerous commercial fishing families, many of whom were Scandinavian and German immigrants.

The Isle Royale archipelago, extending over 50 miles, is the "eye" of Lake Superior. The main island is 45 miles long and 8 miles wide, covering over 571,790 acres, most of which is back country wilderness. Isle Royale National Park was authorized in 1931, and in 1980 was designated a biosphere reserve. It is currently home to an amazing abundance of wildlife, including wolves, moose, fox, beaver, gulls, cormorants, loons, ducks,otters, eagles and rare plants.

Grand Portage Isle Royale Transportation Line began as a way for the Sivertson family of Lake Superior's north shore to transport their catch of freshwater fish from Isle Royale to Minnesota. It gradually expanded to include passenger service.

Today, "GPIR" provides transportation for those who wish to camp, hike, canoe or kayak throughout the park, as well as to those who only wish to enjoy the park's natural beauty and history for the day.

G.P.I.R. Transportation Line - What Sets Us Apart

We are the only transportation provider to Isle Royale National Park that operates two boats. This enables us to offer numerous travel options, allowing multiple pick-up and drop-off points.

We offer the shortest distance and fastest trip to and from Isle Royale National Park.

The majority of your travel time along our routes affords you beautiful views of the coastline of Isle Royale National Park.

Day trip passengers will spend more time on the island, 4 hours on the island, only an hour and a half on the boat, all for a special day rate.

Time Period Represented

Aboriginal American copper mining, circa late 1800s

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