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Hillcrest Park

Community Park
A great view of the Sleeping Giant from Hillcrest Park – Cody Hutchinson

Hillcrest Park with its view of Lake Superior and the famed Sleeping Giant is one of the finest scenic outlooks and a must stop for visitors to Thunder Bay. With it's location overlooking the heart of city's north side (the former city of Port Arthur), the park is the perfect place to look at ships in the harbour and the industrial giants, the grain elevators along the Thunder Bay waterfront.

With plenty of parking spaces, the views can be enjoyed comfortably without having to leave your vehicle, at any time of the year.

The park features the Sunken Gardens. What used to be a gravel pit is now a beautiful display of over 70 varieties of flowers, and a plaque dedicated to the late mayor, Charlie Cox.

However, it is the legendary Sleeping Giant that ultimately grasps the attention of sightseers. This mysterious natural phenomenon immersed in the history of the tribe of the Ojibways, has the appearance of a giant laying on its back.

Hillcrest Park also has its cultural and historic ties to the city of Thunder Bay with the stonewall that runs along the top of hill with stairs leading to historic Bay Street. The 2,100 pound bell is a focal point for many photo ops dating back to 1884 when it was in use at the Port Arthur Central Fire Station. The bell now a landmark in the park is an historical reminder of Port Arthur's early fire brigade.

Other historical monuments are also home to this park like the War Memorial which features a Universal Carrier, the workhorse of the Lake Superior Regiment (Motor) during World War II.

The park also has modern day features like the accessible playground for children to swing, slide and play in this very scenic setting.

Accessibility Notes

Access is on Colonel Keane Drive, the road that runs through the park off High Street just south of Red River Road. There is plenty of room for parking.

Pet Friendly Notes

A popular spot for dog walking with plenty of room to play fetch, or other games.

Recreational Opportunities

The park is a popular place for people to come and toss a football, kick a soccer ball or play Frisbee.

However, for most people,the expanse of green grass (summer), the stone walls and the Sunken Gardens make the park a beautiful spot to take photos whether it is people documenting their visit to Thunder Bay or a backdrop for weddings or family gatherings.


Seasons Accessible

The park is accessible year round.


Free Access unless your planning a large event.

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