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Green Gate Guest Houses

Unique or Historical Accommodation

Unique. Private. Cozy. Relaxing. Our one-of-a-kind property is located next to Giants Ridge resort area, about an hour from Duluth, the BWCA, and Lake Superior's legendary North Shore. Enjoy quick and easy access to Giants Ridge golfing and skiing, the Mesabi Bike Trail and miles of paddling waterways. Our historic 13-acre homestead is also the perfect getaway to relax and enjoy the simpler life.

What to Bring

Just your personal belongings and food!

Kitchen Supplies Available (if any)

The barn home kitchen contains professional appliances and cookware, a farm sink, a 9 foot white pine bar, and hand formed concrete countertops.

Number of Persons Property Will Accommodate


Property Access

Easily accessible by car or bicycle (via Mesabi Trail). Also accessible to/from Embarrass River water route.

Locally or Family-Owned Business Notes

The property is owned and operated by Shawn Callahan, who also built/renovated the vacation homes himself.

Eco-Friendly Notes

Following strict green building standards, choosing environmentally preferred purchases, adopting energy conservation policies, using environmentally friendly products and supporting non-motorized recreation are all fundamental elements of our business model. However, Green Gate is not an ‘in your face’ environmental business by any means. Instead, we aim to provide an educational example of various sustainability designs and practices that our guests may explore and learn from at their convenience. It is our hope that Green Gate guests will take home not just great memories of their one-of-a-kind lodging experience, but also ideas of sustainability practices they may incorporate into their own lifestyle and home. That said, some of the key sustainability practices at Green Gate are as follows:

  • Energy efficient construction details (such as superinsulation, air-sealing, high performance windows and doors, and heat-recovery ventilation) in new construction and renovation projects.
  • Energy conserving heating and cooling strategies, including active/passive solar thermal, renewable wood pellet stove (The Barn), and wood stove (The Farmhouse) capable of providing primary heating needs. Fossil fuel systems (such as electric and LP) act as back up, rather than primary source.
  • Highest efficiency appliances and water-conserving fixtures installed whenever possible.
  • Organic/non toxic linens, bedding and cleaning products used in our guest homes.
  • Safe, healthy indoor air quality resulting from extensive use of reclaimed materials, natural/non-toxic interior finishes and decor.
  • 700 gallon rainwater collection system used for outdoor irrigation and gardening.
  • Large greenhouse and vegetable gardens provide local food supply to community and our guests.
  • Functional landscaping. We aim to return the Green Gate property to the self-sustaining farm it once was by expanding the vegetable gardens, fruit orchards, and livestock (chickens, goats) to provide an increasing food supply to the local community.
  • Making nature accessible- our incredible location provides easy access to hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoeing, paddling, birdwatching or just relaxing outdoors!

Pet Friendly Notes

Pets permitted on a case-by-case basis- please ask!


Seasons Open

year round




  • Eco-Friendly
  • Locally or Family-Owned Business


Warming Source

Electric Heater

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