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Competition or Sporting Event
A Series of Bike Rides in the Heart of the Continent!

Jay Cooke State Park – Hansi Johnson

A series of cycling events coordinated by the Heart of the Continent Partnership

The Heart of the Continent is quickly becoming known to the cycling community as a destination for great rides and adventure. More trails and popular bike routes are surfacing that were once the secrets of the local clubs. Yet in the massive area of the border lakes region with surrounding water in every direction there are plenty of trails to have to yourself, and plenty of club rides if you like to ride with others.

Heart of the Continent Partnership is working with these clubs and in the late summer we are helping host a series of events throughout northwest Ontario and northeast Minnesota. Events will be held in the old mine site areas of Steep Rock, Shuniah, and Mesabi Iron Ranges, the highlights of Thunder Bay and Duluth and the famous highway 61 in all its north-shore splendor.

We are inviting bike shops that sell, service and rent, accommodations and cafes that cater to the cycling crowd to join in, so we can help share all that is available to cyclists in the area and across the continent.

Linked rides that will start late July 2019 will become available on this page and feel free to make contact so we can create a page for your scheduled ride or facilities that will enhance the visitors experience when not on the trails or local favourite routes.

Events will vary from urban tours, dirt or paved trails, highway rides to technical single-track



BIKE! McCarthy Beach State Park -July 20th 2019

BIKE! Thunder Grinder Gravel Ride - August 10 2019

BIKE! Duluth Traverse - Antenna Farm to Spirit Mountain -August 11th 2019

BIKE! Annual Gitchi-Gami Trail Association North Shore Bike Ride - August 17th 2019

BIKE! Pine Mountain Road (Grand Marais) - August 24th 2019

BIKE! Grand Portage - September 14th 2019

BIKE! - Mesabi Trail - September 21st 2019

BIKE! International Falls/Koochiching/Voyageurs Country September 28th 2019

BIKE! Atikokan-Steep Rock Iron Range- October 5 2019

Participation Requirements (if any)

Each ride will have its own requirements, some require pre-registration, others will be informal and just show up for the event. There are a mix of rides for all preferences and abilities including popular highway routes, paved trails, dirt roads and single-track or a mix of of was just mentioned.

Click on ride links above for more info on each ride


Each ride is unique, some may require preregistration others are just show up

Contact info for rides are posted on each linked page that are found on this page.