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Atikokan Fish Hatchery Tour

Educational Opportunity
A group of interested youngsters are checking out the incubating walleye fry at the Atikokan Fish Hatchery – Atikokan Progress

Run by volunteer members of the Atikokan Sportsmen's Conservation Club, the Fish Hatchery program works to educate, inform and replenish stocks of walleye fry in Atikokan and the surrounding area.

Working in conjunction with a license from the MNR, the members set out box nets in the spring to catch walleye, then milk the the females for the eggs to fertilize them from the males. They bring the eggs back to the hatchery and nurture them through the hatching process over the next several weeks.

The Hatchery handles between 8-10 million fry annually, which are disbursed into different area lakes that require replenishing as per MNR recommendations.

Dates and Times

Pre-arrange your visit.

How to Participate

The Hatchery is open for interactive tours on a contact basis, as well as opportunities to volunteer are always appreciated!

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