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Aerial Lift Bridge

Historic or Prehistoric Place, Historic Site

One of the most popular and iconic landmarks of Duluth is the Aerial Lift Bridge. Built in 1905, the Bridge initially transported people on a cable car from the main land, what is now known as Canal Park, to Minnesota Point. The bridge has a clearance of 180 feet when completely raised. The Bridge stretches 386 feet and weighs approximately 900 tons!

The Aerial Lift Bridge was converted into a lift system in 1929 to allow for easier passage of boats through the canal. The Bridge is operated 24 hours a day by City of Duluth Bridge Operators and during the height of the shipping season, it averages 26 lifts a day with thousands of cars crossing the bridge in either direction. The Bridge is the only access point by land to Park Point residences, hotels, businesses and the beachs.

Thousands of bystanders flock to view the large freighters as they slowly enter or leave the harbor. It's a classic port city spectacle that never gets old.


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